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Tonight's going to be fun

Well...more like stressful. My guild got it into their heads that they're going to kill the dragon in Skyfire, Suled Dar's Shade, for the VP key quest. Unfortunately now that they have the idea, their skulls are to thick to push it back out again. Two "uber" guilds have wiped on this raid in the past week...with raid forces of over 50 people. If we're LUCKY we'll have 30+ people. And who's the lucky Raid Coordinator that gets picked to lead this one? Moi, of course. We are all going to die. I've tried telling them this, they just won't listen...all they say is "So we'll die! Big deal, we have to give it a shot. Bring it on Aana!!" Argh....and of course when I told Catcorpse this his response was "Nice knowin' ya, sis." Thanks for the support, bro! Because there's absolutely nothing like herding my guild member's to their deaths. Not to mention the fact that I'm just NOT cut out to lead this raid. Its taken me days to research it, and its going to take me at least an hour to get everything set-up--people in the right spot, get the clerics on a healing rotation that will actually WORK, make sure all my rangers are far enough out not to get hit with the dragon's Area of Effect spells, but close enough in to still make their arrows effective. And then today I came across the realization that this dragon is an Old World Belly-Caster...i.e. if you want to hit it with a spell or a weapon you have to be pretty much standing beneath its belly. Bleh, bleh and double-bleh! How do I get roped into these damn things??

Aanaren Faireleaf
60th Level Ranger of Tunare
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Thank you! I'm not even an officer...I don't get paid enough for this! /pout and sniffle

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I was selected as a Raid Cooridnator. And I have access to all the officer forums, etc. for the guild; and to my guild leader's account if I need to do officer-type things. He's been trying to convince me, but being an officer in my last guild soured me LOL
Have to say Suled dar is NOT old world on AB our guild have wiped 3 times against him with 40 + level 70 ep equiped chars its hard and you need huge DPS . ONe of the 'uber' guilds on our server managed it by taking 6 lvl 70 wizzies with them
my guild, on tarew marr, wiped on this raid last night.