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I just joined and wanted to give a nod to my fellow EQ addicts ;) I've been playing since 1998. I have strictly played on one server - TM. I started with a warrior and then switched to a cleric. Last year I got bored with my cleric so I made a necro and I have to say she is my favorite of all. ~grin~ I stopped playing hardcore when my friends retired from the game. I really haven't played much since May. If any of you have characters on the TM server and want some company, look me up.

Lyndasha Yman - lvl 65 high elf cleric
Mizmuffit - lvl 54 gnome necromancer (currently my main)
Bendy - lvl 52 halfling warrior
Puffy - lvl 42 halfling druid
Ryannon - lvl 41 bard
Lemons - lvl 17 troll beastie
Kyaeri - lvl 9 enchanter

Well met all and be safe. :)
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