Jewels VanSomething-Denning (phunkylemonade) wrote in evercrack,
Jewels VanSomething-Denning

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EQ log in help help help please!

Hey All!

Am new to comm but hoping anyone anyone has some helpful tips or advice. We had a 2 week free trial and have been playing away (2 chars @ Lvl 10) and this morning we get the sad account closed message and so we set up our CC to keep playing but that was over 5 hours ago and it still says account closed!

Has this ever happened to any of you? The Help online and KB arent helping, and the phone Cust. Svc is closed on the weekends. I sent a couple emails but who knows what that will do. I am cracking out over here and had plans to meet a group in CB a bit ago that I did not want to break.

Freaking out, what to do ?!?!?!?!?
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